GERMAN-LANGUAGE COLOR WHEEL ♥ The popular color wheel with the German description! The color mixing wheel is a handy 15cm tall and consists of three rotatable layers. With a few twists you can get precise color blends or shades. Understanding color relationships becomes child's play. Try it!

IDEAL FOR COLOR LOVERS ♥ The color wheel is the ideal color advisor in leisure time and at work: Whether a painter or designer, whether a tailor or designer, whether a florist or nail artist. The color wheel is an indispensable daily companion for all people who love, mix and match colors!

PROFESSIONAL COLOR MIXTURES ♥ With the front of the color wheel you can easily achieve professional color mixes: choose red, yellow, blue, white or black on the inner disc. Rotate the selected color to one of the 12 colors on the outer edge. The resulting mixed color appears in the window. No more trying things out!

CORRECT COLOR SHADES ♥ With the back of the color wheel you get to know the shades of individual colors as you go: Choose one of the 12 colors on the outer edge. The window shows you the shades with white, gray or black. This is how you create the desired color mood!

COLOR TEACHING INCLUDED ♥ With the color wheel you can refresh your knowledge from art class: What are primary or secondary colors? How do two of the 12 colors of the color wheel harmonize with each other? Which colors belong to the warm or cold side of the color wheel? You can see this and more on the color wheel!

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