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Magnetic Wristband

gift for men, valentine gift, father gift

One of our best handworker tools which Engineered in Germany.
Magnetic Wristband Tools in 4 different Colors, EXTRA magnetic Stick with LED Light and Pencil.

The best Gifts for Men, Worker, Dad, DIY.

Time is Gold, give him the Gift that will save his time.
Extendable Magnet Stick With
LED Light

The magnetic telescopic Stick can be used to fish out metal parts easily

From inaccessible nooks and crannies.


Customer Reviews:
Passt auch an ein Frauenhandgelenk!
Reviewed in Germany on 31 August 2020
Translated By Google: I am totally surprised by how handy and compact this bracelet is packed! It fits in a 12.5x11cm package! Also, the inner lining is much softer and more comfortable to wear than I thought it would be. And best of all: The Velcro fastener even fits my narrower woman's wrist. I have already hung up a large wall curtain with the magnetic bracelet. I had the whole supply of nails within easy reach, which was really handy! I didn't have to stop to dig nails out of my pocket or climb down to get new ones. Overall I was done so much quicker. I am satisfied with the product!
Sehr nützlich!
Reviewed in Germany on 24 August 2019
Translated By Google: When I'm DIY: "Honey, where are those screws that were located there?" - a sentence that probably every man knows... you put them where, and Schwubs they have inexplicably changed the place. A phenomenon... ...for this reason, I was looking for a solution as a small do-it-yourselfer and found this one here.. and what should I write, I'm thrilled. Fit is good (fits both wrist and upper arm), magnets are sufficiently strong and the thickness/quality is surprisingly good and robust. Conclusion: Great helper for a small price.
Super Gadget!
Reviewed in Germany on 18 September 2021
Translated By Google: The part is super practical....and I don't want to do without it anymore. Especially in the summer months I spend a lot of time in the garden working on my garden shed, so it's really useful if you don't have to get off the ladder for every screw or bit. A great gadget which I would have needed much earlier. The magnet is super strong and it can fit a lot of stuff on it. Screws, nails, nuts, many at once. It is a comfortable, extremely durable material and a very strong magnet. Excellent price for this product !!! The bonus telescoping magnetic stick is great and it's bigger than you'd like. Conclusion: Easy to use, good material quality and a great price. This is such a great little gadget to have for the handyman (or woman!).

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