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CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR MEN: you will certainly know it: the craftsman who drills, screws, renovates and the other half of the day is looking for the right tool. Mostly it holds several nails or screws in the mouth. When working, it has no hand free. Or better said, had. Because the Taiba Creations bracelet DIY enthusiasts not only saves the hassle of searching, but reliably keeps all tools at hand. It is the best gadget for men.

Gift ideas for men: we know: a real craftsman, carpenter, mechanic, carpenter, a practical bracelet is not enough. It must also be robust and fit so well that it does not interfere with work. We have taken care of this: our magnetic bracelet is made from 100% ballistic 1680D polyester and is therefore lightweight and breathable. With the size-adjustable, tear-resistant Velcro fastener, the magnetic bracelet fits any craftsman's wrist, it is a gift father birthday.

Gift for a birthday: we have improved this bracelet. This makes it easy to carry needles, screws, nails, drill attachments, wrenches or fasteners. We have added 2 extra pockets and 2 loops for a telescopic magnetic stick with LED light and a pencil. This allows you to easily fish metal parts from the most inaccessible angles and crevices. Perfect as a motorcycle gadget, gifts for dads.

Men's gifts: What do you give your dad as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts that already has everything? What really needs the electrician, carpenter, DIY enthusiast or car repairer for his projects? What can you surprise your craft man? The answer to all these questions is the Taiba Creations magnetic bracelet. It is the best men's birthday gift in craft and anyone who wants to become one. It will confirm it. The best gifts for dad..

Satisfaction guarantee: The men's magnetic bracelet makes work easier for craftsmen in the long term. But it's best to convince yourself of our quality: we offer you a 2 years satisfaction guarantee. The practical gifts for father for birthday, advent calendar tool, gift for father, men gift, small gifts for men, electricians, DIY gifts, magnetic bracelets, mason gifts, practical gadgets, gifts for craftsmen, tool bracelet..
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How we strarted?

There is a big void in the tool market. Almost all tools are made for professionals so we decided to fill this gap, this is how we made tools focusing on quality.

What makes our product unique?

Since we can sense your pain that when you want to fix something you want to be professional but you are inexperienced, we can be sure that our well-designed tools will make you feel like a professional while using it.

Why do we love what we do?

Time is GOLD, our vision is to save time, money and headaches so that you can spend more time on the weekends with our products.

Product Description:

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The Taiba Creations magnetic bracelet brings relief for the craftsman who drills, saws, screws, renovates, and assembles half the day and looks for the right tool for the other half of the day. Screws or pencils in the mouth, behind the ear or in your pocket are a thing of the past.
No more wasted time picking up attachments or small parts.
The craftsman's magnetic bracelet reliably keeps all tool parts ready for the tinkerer.
It's the best dad birthday gift, home improvement gifts, mens birthday gifts, gifts for dad, or small gifts for men.

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What does he need??
What does the electrician or car repairer really need for his projects? What can you surprise your artisan husband with?
The answer to all of these questions is that from Taiba Creations:
● The 15 strong magnets reliably keep all tools and small parts for your work at hand. No more searching thanks to this
● Breathable and lightweight magnetic bracelet!
● The magnetic bracelet will be delivered to you in a high-quality box.
● It is the ideal gift for men.

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A practical bracelet is not enough for a real craftsman. It also has to be robust and fit so well that it doesn't interfere with your work at all. We made sure of that: The Taiba Creations magnetic bracelets are made of 100% ballistic polyester and are therefore light and breathable.
The one-size-fits-all magnetic bracelet is 38cm long and 9cm wide.

● Strong magnetic force and optimal hold.
● Motorcycle gadget, useful things, practical gadgets.
● Practical gifts, carpenter gift, father birthday gifts.
● Christmas gifts for men, gifts for craftsmen.

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● Magnetic bracelet tool.
● Pencil.
● Magnetic Stick with LED light.
● Operation manual.
● Packaging.

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What do you give dad as a birthday present or Christmas present? The answer is the Taiba Creations magnetic bracelet. It's the best men's birthday gifts in the craft and all.

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Two additional pockets and two loops with a telescopic magnetic stick with LED light and a pencil. This allows metal parts to be easily fished out of the most inaccessible nooks and crannies.

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