Wenwan DIY-Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung

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Die Lieferzeit kann 15 bis 20 Werktage betragen.
Wenwan DIY-Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung

[Gewicht] ca. 30 g

[Name] Vier Köpfe aus Stahl

[Klemmdurchmesser] 0,8-3,0 mm.

[Verwendung] Greifen von Kleinteilen / Greifen von Schraubnadeln / Gravieren

[Spezifikationen] ca. 90 mm (Länge) 10 mm (Durchmesser)

Gewicht 0,04 g
Größe 280 × 370 × 100 cm

Silver Set

73 Bewertungen für Wenwan DIY-Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung

  1. Y***m


  2. J***m

    Excellent. J'ai reçu ma commande rapidement, je suis satisfaite. Un grand merci au vendeur. Je recommande

  3. J***a

    Очень довольна! Продавцу спасибо! Пришло ооочень быстро!
    no remark

  4. T***a

    it was great! same as the picture
    works perfectly

  5. W***o


  6. M***n


  7. J***r

    Came very early but the smaller drill bits don’t stay in the drill they keep falling out

  8. T***e

    recieved. havent tried to see if it works, took far too long to arrive.
    no remark

  9. J***o

    its not shiny as the picture
    no remark

  10. B***e

    nope. doesnt work. used the 3rd thinnest drill and ended up getting stuck in there for good. may work for the thick drills. wld have given 2 stars. but props for the quick shipping. still sadddd
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  11. B***s

    it exactly what I wanted! Took 3 week to get here (belgium). It came together with something else.. keychains.. was this an extra(?) idk
    I did order keychains but that is from another store but these keychains were in the same package as this handtool. Idk if it is extra or not but thank you!
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  12. U***r

    When you get to the small sizes it’s really lose and falls out but it still works really fast tbh
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  13. A***n

    very nice

  14. L***l

    Доставка очень быстрая. Но это хрень полная. Сверла вообще не держит. Для работы вообще непригодно. Но хотя , что можно ожидать за эти деньги?

  15. A***a

    Комплект полный, только не могу понять, как ей пользоваться))))) но это не к продавцу вопрос, а к моим способностям))))))
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  16. N***a

    Its all good! Thanks

  17. M***s

    Muito bom, igual a descrição.
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  18. B***i

    Thank you very much
    no remark

  19. B***i

    Thank you very much
    no remark

  20. J***s

    Came quickly but one of the drill pieces was missing so not 100% satisfied.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

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Wenwan DIY-Werkzeuge für die Holzbearbeitung
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